Sliding-Lift (PSH)

Sliding-Lift is a simple and cost effective parking system. It utilises electric motor to drive chains or cables to lift and slide pallets.
A 2-level system occupies 3 parking spaces to store 5 vehicles and the minimum clearance for this system is 3.6m only.


Model PSH Sliding Lift
Parking levels ≤ 8
Optimal parking capacity 5 vehicles/set on 2 parking levels.
Compatible vehicle dimensions (mm) 5,200*1,900*1,550/1950
Laden weight (kg) ≤ 2,500
Mechanical components Motors and chains (cables)
Power consumption for vertical movements 2.2kW
Power consumption for transverse movements 0.2kW
Vertical movement speed 7m/min
Transverse movement speed 4m/min
Identification element IC card / Key switch
Power Supply

3-Phase AC380V / 50Hz

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