Parking Tower (PCS)

Yeefung Parking Tower is a high efficiency solution ideal for high density parking on a small footprint.
A Parking Tower consists up to 30 parking levels, with 2parking spaces on each level. A total of 60 parking spaces can be achieved on a minimum footprint of 50m², the average footprint is only 0.83m² per vehicle.
Utilizing vertical reciprocating conveyors (VRC) to lift vehicles to different parking levels and conveyors at each parking floor to transfer vehicles to parking spaces. The average retrieval time is only 60s per vehicle.

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Parking Procedures

Follow instructions to stop
into a transfer cabin.
Vacate the transfer cabin and confirm parking request to start storage process.
A VRC lifts the vehicle vertically from the transfer cabin to a specific parking level.
A conveyor transfers the vehicle from the VRC to the parking space, the VRC returns to the transfer cabin, ready for next user.


Model PCS Parking Tower
Parking levels ≤29
Optimal parking capacity 50 parking spaces/tower
Compatible vehicle dimensions (mm) L:5,200*W:1,950*H:1,550~1,950
Laden weight (kg) ≤ 2,800
Average retrieval time 60s
Footprint 50m²
Conveyance system Comb-exchange
VRC per system 1 per tower
Power consumption for vertical movements 30kW
Power consumption for transverse movements 0.2kW
Vertical movement speed 90m/min
Transverse movement speed 25m/min
Identification element IC card/QR code/PIN/mobile APP
Power Supply

3-Phase AC380V/50Hz

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