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SAIC Warehousing FacilityShuttle-Lift - PPY

Parking levels: 7           Parking spaces: 384
Warehouse facility for the largest vehicle manufacturer in China.

Siming Primary School, XiamenShuttle-Lift – PPY

Parking levels: 3           Parking spaces: 224
Yeefung transforms school playground into a multi-purpose facility.

Confucius Temple P&R, NanjingGETA AGV Type C

Parking levels: 1           Parking spaces: 57
Yeefung successfully transformed the mezzanine level in the busiest metro station building with no vehicle accessinto a public car park.

The First Hospital of Xiamen UniversityPlatform- Lift- PCY

Parking levels: 11-15           Parking spaces: 798
Largest Platform-Lift parking system in China.

Shangsha Public Car Park,ShenzhenPlatform- Lift- PCY

Parking levels: 11           Parking spaces: 300
Yeefung converted a traditional car park in a densely populated urban centre to a high capacity automatic parking facility.

Shaanxi Daily, Xi'anPlatform- Lift- PCY

Parking levels: 10           Parking spaces: 342
342 parking spaces on limited building footprint.

Jiangsu Provincial People's HospitalShuttle-Lift - PPY

Parking levels: 4        Parking spaces: 1184
Second largest automated parking facility in the world for the largest hospital in Jiangsu province.

Tongzhou North Garden P&R, BeijingShuttle-Lift - PPY

Parking levels: 4         Parking spaces: 231
First automated P&R parking facility in Beijing.

Wyndham Hotel, ShenzhenShuttle-Lift - PPY

Parking levels: 5            Parking spaces: 235
Advanced automated parking facility for a 5-star hotel.

Changqingyuan Community, BeijingStacker-Crane - PXD

Parking levels: 3            Parking spaces: 200
Centralised high capacity parking facility for an environmental friendly community.

Department of Public Security, ShanxiStacker-Crane - PXD

Parking levels: 5          Parking spaces: 90
Capacity increment and efficiency improvement.

Fujian Building, TianjingStacker-Crane - PXD

Parking levels: 5          Parking spaces: 90

ABM Parking Tower, SingaporeParking Tower – PCS

Parking levels: 15         Parking spaces: 60
“Supercar vending machine”, by Yeefung

Maternity and Children's Hospital,XiamenParking Tower – PCS

Parking levels: 25         Parking spaces: 200

Jinke Building, TianjingParking Tower – PCS

Transfer cabins: 29         Parking spaces: 116

Yintai Centre, BeijingSliding Lift – PSH

Parking levels: 2         Parking Spaces: 416

Futian Maternity and Children's HospitalSliding Lift – PSH

Parking levels: 6         Parking Spaces: 62

Ministry of Industry and IT, BeijingSliding Lift – PSH

Parking levels: 2         Parking Spaces: 437

Research Institute of Building SciencesParking Lift – PJS

Parking levels: 2         Parking Spaces: 78

Chervon Industry Co.,Ltd, NanjingParking Lift – PJS

Parking levels: 2         Parking Spaces: 112
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